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Real time data available for FOREX, North American Futures and Equities. If you have a trading system and need a data vendor for your real time or end of day data please contact us at the number or email below, thank you.

Thank you for your interest in Real Time Data brought to you by the new Primate

A little information about our Real Time FOREX data service:

We receive data from 40 different Interbank contributing banks and use our advanced real time signal processing system to insure that your data feed is fast and accurate.

Our system is built with a high degree of redundancy to tolerate multiple points of failure and provide uninterrupted service to you.

The servers are redundant within each data center.

Each data center is redundant to other data centers across multiple dispersed geographic locations.

Each data center has redundant power from the grid, batteries, and diesel generators.

Each data center has redundant high speed, high volume internet connections.

Our commitment to you is to provide the highest level of connectivity and support.

Happy Trading!

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